Do you ever feel disappointed? Did you know that it will make you stuck and will make your problems just pile up?

There are ways to avoid this. This episode we consider three layers of disappointment and the ways to manage your state. Because you are the owner of your life!

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What does 'enjoying the moment's mean? It means you can always find things to be grateful for and the ways to enjoy the process, not just waiting to celebrate a success. It is more than just 'relax, it will happen'and it never means sacrificing your goals for the 'moment to enjoy'


When we are dealing with problems, difficulties and really tough situations or periods where seems like everything goes wrong, we are going through the desperate-sad-mad-proactive-winner cycle, but there are tricks to get you out of there faster.

This week we want you to think about things that you don't like in your life - in your career, relationships, appearance, etc. And then we want you to hit exactly into this thing... with action. You have the power to change it all!


Defining routines and managing them isn't actually the hard task. You can easily do this and optimize your time, free time for the things that are more important to you or the ones that you wanted to do for long, or simply for 'you' time - watching movie solo or going to the salon. You can do it, this episode I show you simple way of defining, organizing and managing your routines effectively.

You'll be surprised how easy it is!

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Here for you, Lucy


How committed are you? What helps you to keep going no matter what? What helps you to get back to boring tasks? What excites you? There are many systems to make you more productive, we'll help you to find the one that works best for you


'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now'...

It's one month less left in this year. How is your progress? Enjoying your journey? Do not put tasks away for later ever again, there's always a way to get it done. And do not forget to book your mentoring session for February (included with Premium subscription) Looking forward! See you next month:)

We getting up sometimes with that weird feeling that we either slide back to what it was or keep pushing and make it through. Change is here, use your strength to make it happen.


You are never too old to improve yourself. You are never too busy to improve yourself. You are never too poor to improve yourself. There are always tons of opportunities around you, but you need to be ready, to be searching, to be positive. Don't wait! Make things happen!

How exhausted we feel sometimes, simply because we buried ourselves in all the problems and routines. We don't even always have enough strength to make a deep breath and simply relax. It's important to change this, to find time and ways to recharge your batteries. Email us in the 90 min after this episode went live to get 30 min free coaching session:


We want you to be different and we want you to make a difference. Bring something good to your life and to the lives of others this year. Stop comparing yourself to others, be extraordinary, you always are, just be confident, just try again, just do more, become a better version of yourself and embrace the change.

This week we only have one task for you - sit a think of yourself, 10, 5 and a year ago. What changed? What have you achieved? What do you want to achieve? Compare, think and reflect...


Sometimes we feel exhausted, we feel so tired of trying to achieve our dream, we start thinking about giving up or delaying tasks, procrastinating. There are ways to snap ourselves out of that mode even when it seems impossible. We know you can do it and this episode we outline processes and practices to do so. Keep the right track of 2020 success! With #StrategicChangeGuide Premium

On January first we all started from the blank page of the very fresh 365 pages book. You are about to write your legend. The goal for this year is to keep improving, becoming better version of yourself every single day! Here for you, Jim and Lucy


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Yes, this is the last episode of 2019. We want you to look back, reflect and smile - how wonderful life is! The quote for today is from "Far and Away" - "Pretend you starting over, not ending up', there's always a space for you to improve your life, there are always tools to make yourself better... We are always here to help you) Happy holidays! Jim & Lucy

We are here to help you write your next success story

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Low self-esteem is not a diagnosis, it is not something that will stop you from achieving your dreams. You can spot signals of it, and some you will be even surprised of. It will help you to fix problem in time and boost your effectiveness.


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